iPad Pro 9.7In Review: Apple’s 9.7 inchi Introduction and Summary

iPad Pro 9.7in Review

The iPad Pro 9.7in review sales of tablets with detachable keyboards have actually grown. Is it any surprise, then, that Apple 9.7-inch version of the Pro to try and regain some of its tablet momenta? Whether or not this new Pro can be the computer replacement. iPad Pro 9.7 review, updated after nine months of regular use, iPad Pro is aimed at the average tablet buyer, including mobile gamers, entertainment consumers, and business users. Apple was hyping at its launch event depends on your personal preferences, but let's get one thing straight from the start, this is one the best tablets for you can buy iPad.

£499 (32GB, Wi-Fi), £619 (128GB, Wi-Fi), £739 (256GB, Wi-Fi), £599 (32GB, cellular), £719 (128GB, cellular), £839 (256GB, cellular)

iPad Pro 9.7In Review: Apple’s 9.7 inchi Introduction and Summary

  • Rear flash and much improved cameras
  • Super-fast processor
  • Option to use Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard
  • Thin and beautiful
  • Pink colour option
  • High price (even higher than at launch)
  • Smaller Smart Keyboard isn't easy to type on accurately
  • Camera lens sticks out at rear


Physically the iPad Pro 9.7 weight and dimensions are identical, as is the general design (which remains sumptuous, of course). Model is the closest thing yet to a perfect middle ground: Big enough to give you space to work, small enough to hold with one hand. It’s the Goldilocks iPad. This results in a much fuller, richer sound - not exactly surround sound, but a far more immersive audio experience than we've come to expect from a tablet. Read more about the iPad Pro 9.7in review: build and design

There's a slight camera bump on the back, but it's a fair trade off. It makes way for a 12MP rear-facing iSight camera, just like its smartphone counterpart, and now there's a True Tone LED flash. Slightly annoying, that, although any sort of case will remove this issue, and you do get the payoff of a heavily enhanced camera setup.

The front camera is even more dramatically boosted, from 1.2Mp to 5Mp and gaining the Retina flash feature. We look at all this in more detail, and present a selection of test shots and comparisons, in the camera testing section, but suffice it to say that in some conditions you won't notice the difference from the Air 2's cameras, in others you'll notice small improvements, and in others it's in a whole different class. Read more about the iPad Pro 9.7in Review: Camera Specification

The touchscreen Retina-class display is most respects the same sharply responsive multitouch functionality. But it adds a new (and optional) feature called True Tone, designed to subtly adjust the screen's colour output to account for environmental light conditions. It's a similar kind of idea to Night Shift, producing a warmer, yellower colour palette under electric lighting, but to a far less noticeable degree.

iPad Pro 9.7in It’s got the same processor as the 12.9-inch model – which is an upgrade to the one found in the iPad Air 2 – but half the RAM (2GB rather than 4GB). What this means in real terms is very little unless you play a lot of games – we didn’t see much difference in responsiveness between Procreate on an iPad Air 2 and the new iPad Pro.

Battery testing is also impressive, with the iPad Pro 9.7in lasting, surprisingly, an average of 11hrs, 2m in GeekBench 3's highly demanding benchmark despite having slightly lower battery capacity than the Air 2 (which managed just 7hrs 40m). Both devices should last longer than that in general use.

Credibility as a laptop replacement the iPad Pro 9.7in has launched alongside a new keyboard case and features a port on its lefthand edge for connecting to and powering this accessory. It's about as good as an ultraportable keyboard of its size could be, but nowhere near as accurate to type on as a conventional keyboard (and some way behind the larger 12.9 version of the Smart Keyboard, too). You can also now use the Apple Pencil stylus, which is pretty wonderful, but expensive.

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