iPad Pro 12.9in Review : May be Really Replace your Macbook or PC ?

iPad Pro 12.9 Review

Apple products again innovate in presenting its newest tablet is "Apple iPad Pro 12.9", which draws from this tablet is having a super large screen, measuring 12.9 inches with a resolution of 2048 x 2732 pixels and pixel density has reached 265 pixels. iPad Pro 12.9in review it means that the screen has a resolution of equivalent Pro iPad retina display, same as iPad Water that has a density of pixels-264 ppi. Although the screen size is very large, automatically making the price of the Apple iPad Pro is very expensive, but the Apple gives a screen type LED-backlit IPS LCD technology with Oxide TFT that increases the battery life. The specs are pretty amazing, excellent processing power. But the iPad Pro 12.9 it had a high price (especially after the price increase), and we're left wondering who exactly this product is intended.

iPad Pro 12.9in Review
iPad Pro 12.9in Review


RRP: £729 (32GB, WiFi); £819 (128GB, WiFi); £909 (256GB, WiFi); £939 (128GB, Cellular), £1029 (256GB, Cellular). US Pricing $799/$899/$1079/$1029/$1129


  • Extreme Processing Power
  • Big Screen
  • Audio Power And Rebalancing


  • Costly (Especially With Price Hike)
  • Range Of Pro-Level Creative Apps For IOS Remains Limited

Design and Build Quality

iPad Pro 12.9in Review : Design and build quality
iPad Pro 12.9in Review : Design and build quality
First, the iPad Pro 12.9 in looks like iPad Aiir 2. However, once you pick it up and feel how light (713g for Wi-Fi models), you begin to realize that the dimension is owned (221x306x 6.9 mm) are not really that great. In fact, the iPad Pro has roughly the same footprint as the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro, only weighs much lighter and slimmer. The more I use the new iPad, the more benefits they shine: you get a big screen that you would expect from a laptop, but light load you expect from an iPad.


Screen iPad Pro 12.9in review was the largest ever to enter tablet Apple, and larger than most of the competition with Android. It is also the highest resolution tablet, with a resolution of 2 defeat, 732 x 2, 048. This works the same as the density of the pixels 264ppi iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7in review , which has a resolution of 2, 048 x 1, 536.

iPad Pro 12.9in Review : Screen
iPad Pro 12.9in Review : Screen


The Apple iPad Pro 12.9in review does particularly well in the sound stakes. The 12.9 inch iPad Pro has four speakers. Using it's orientation sensors, it uses the top two speakers for spatial separation (stereo) and the bottom two to deliver low-frequency sounds. The result is a rather impressive tablet for sound : watching a film on Netflix.


12.9in iPad Pro is powered by a dual-core A9X processor. When combined with a more powerful GPU, the iPad Pro wiped the floor with its competitors in the Peacekeeper browser test, scoring a huge 5,476. It powered through the GFX Bench Manhattan onscreen test at 33.5fps, and an offscreen score of 80fps is seriously quick. The dual-core iPad even scored 5,484 in GeekBench 3’s multi-core test, beating many quad-core Android tablets.

Battery life

The iPad Pro have large chassis squeeze in a massive 10,307mAh battery. When even powering the iPad Pro’s large screen, it was enough for This doesn’t automatically translate into phenomenal battery life, because of the 9 hours 8 minutes in our video playback test, running at a screen brightness of 170cd/m2. Like most of Apple’s products nowadays, the iPad Pro is charged via the Lightning cable.

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