iPad Pro 9.7in Review : Battery Life Performance

Battery consumption is an important key for every tablet because it's designed to work and multimedia experience. Operated all day for me to use more than my computer. The good news is that the iPad Pro 9.7in review : battery performance has a very good capacity that has lasted 24 hours with steady use. Apple says the constant beating of the parties will provide 10 hours of powerful and check out.

It contains 27.5Wh battery, but I found it for the last time over iPad Air 2, which has a capacity of 27.6 Wh battery. It looks it's clear that new A9X processor now only work overtime when it should be, but also generally work more efficiently.

Do our test battery life that plays HD video for 90 minutes at full brightness, I found that the battery is fully charged is reduced only amounted to 22%. At 78% at the end of the video is continuously repeated. The outer edges of the iPad Air 2, which declined by 26%, leaving me with a 76%. IPad Pro 12.9, with a bigger screen but larger battery trade-offs decreased 28% to 72%.

iPad Pro 9.7in Review : Battery Life Performance
iPad Pro 9.7in Review : Battery Life Performance

The reverse is true when charging the battery. IPad Pro 9.7in review took 3 hours and 50 minutes to recharge, while iPad air 2 air at full capacity in 3 hours and 30 minutes. Both are around 17% after 30 minutes before the iPad Air 2 clearly visible with the victory.

Battery iPad Pro 9.7 performance don't slow to charge the battery, but it could use the Apple fast charging so far more new features exclusive to the iPad larger 12 .9 Pro. Companies that sell C bolt-USB cable that provides a boost for fast charging 23.9Wh great battery.

To put into context with the actual time, the three iPads lasted 11 hrs 11 mins (Pro 9.7) 11hrs, 7hrs 26 minutes (Pro 12.7) and 40 minutes (Air 2) each device. Remember that this is a demanding and test real-world battery life tends to be very significantly higher. With the second test, 10hrs iPad Pro 9.7in review lasted 53 minutes.

Battery Life Performance

Predicting the performance and battery life, this of course, is never an exact science. But we are satisfied that the iPad Pro 9.7in easily capable of matching "up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching videos or listening to music" or "up to 9 hours of surfing the web using a mobile data network operator" that Apple claims for all five of the iPad deals at this time.

iPad Pro 9.7in Review : Battery Life Testing
iPad Pro 9.7in Review : Battery Test

iPad Pro 9.7in review at: 11:02:20 (100-1%; Average score). Battery Score 6623 (average)

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This Album is older the following values:
  • iPad Pro (12.9 in): 6865 (11:26:30, 100%-1%)
  • iPad Air 2:4601 (07:40:10, 100%-1%)
  • iPad mini 4:3975 (06:37:30, 100%-1%)
  • iPad mini 2:3990 (06:39:00, 100%-1%)

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